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VoIP So Simple, So Easy

IVR, ACD, C2C, VoIP...


In OrigamiCall we are professionals for more than 10 years in the VoIP business. Our services:


Asterisk, FreeSwitch, OpenSIPS, Kamailio, Kazoo, ... are some of the elements we can integrate in your systems. We give you an integration report and we can do the implementation ourselves.


We assesore your in the best strategy for your telephony business. We can add our IVR, ACD, C2C, Queue Management, VoiceMail and other technologies and even develop solutions for you ad-hoc.


We offer our products as a service. Whichever of them with a customized rate depending on usage so you can start your business immediately avoiding extra costs.


OrigamiCall has the following products already developed and ready to be included inside of your network. They also can be integrated between them easily.


Is an IVR system to be integrated with your services. It is compatible with VoiceXML, CCXML and TwiML. It can be connected to a TTS and ASR systems without problems. Even we include the possibility to develop your own addons or plugins using ePHP.


It is an ACD system developed to support hundreds of agents and thousands of incoming calls. Scales easily, robust and easy to setup. Supervisors, Agents and Calls are traced easily in an administration panel.


Call button or Click to call system. This tool is great for use in your web site or embed in your software. It is secure and very easy and at the same time very powerful thanks to the available configurations.


Voicemail multi-language designed for mobile operators who need a flexible tool to configure more than one language for their customers. It also allows integration through a web service web application or a mobile application.


Timeline of OrigamiCall from beginning...


Our Team

Nothing of this could be possible without our the daily work of our team.

Manuel Rubio

Concurrent Programming & Erlanger

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Guillermo Rodríguez

Programación de Sistemas Erlang & VoIP

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